Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vidcon Hotel

I spoke to the people at the Hyatt and they said that the original block of rooms reserved for Vidcon has been booked. Those were the rooms for $149 a night. After those became booked, the Vidcon folks talked to the folks from Hyatt and got a second block of rooms, however Hyatt says the cost for the rooms in the second block has gone up to $279 a night. Needless to stay, we're still looking for a way to try and include a hotel room for the winner of the contest, however right now as it stands a hotel room is not a part of the prize.

**Original Post**
I've been trying to line up a sponsor to help cover the cost of a room for Vidcon as well; unfortunately I haven't been successful. And to top it off, now the Hyatt is sold out of rooms that were in the Vidcon block. Still going to try and work on this though. :(

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